How to get started with Innovation Tactics

Where do I start?

Well, if you knew the destination upfront, it wouldn’t be innovation. Each card in the deck invites you to explore the unknown. 👣 You just need to take the first step…

🗺️ Follow the Innovation Strategy System

1. Find the Strategy System card.

2. Answer the questions until it points you to a category.

3. Use any tactic from that category.

🍲 Follow a Recipe

1. Find the cards in the Recipe category.

2. Choose one that matches your goals.

3. Use the tactics cards recommended in that Recipe.

♥️ Follow your heart

1. Spread the whole deck out in front of you.

2. Skim through the headlines until one speaks to you.

3. Use that card as a starting point. It will direct you to others, too.

✍️ Tips from the author

Broaden your options for where to go next to avoid catching a debilitating case of ‘one-solution-itis’.

Start much smaller than you’re comfortable with. Forget perfection or certainty.

Play with the methods on these cards to fit your context. Remix! Repurpose!

🃏 But I want a card to start with

Anatomy of an Insights: gently challenge or break down an idea or limiting belief

“Huh?” Test: make any piece of work better in 5 mins

Diagnostic Shop Along: fastest way to get customer insights

Multiverse Map: fastest way to sketch out a new product, service or experience

Time Machine: fastest way to get buy in for research and experimentation

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