How to get started with Strategy Tactics

Sometimes you have to make decisions when there’s no one right way.

Nobody becomes a world-class strategist overnight. It takes practice, patience, and most importantly the courage to take a few bold steps forward. 👣

🗺️ Follow our process

1. Find the Strategy System card.

2. Answer the questions until a category is recommended.

3. Use any tactic from that category.

🍲 Follow a Recipe

1. Find the cards in the Recipe category.

2. Choose one that matches your goals.

3. Use the tactics cards recommended in that Recipe.

♥️ Follow your heart

1. Spread the deck out on the table in front of you.

2. Skim through the titles and concepts until you find one that speaks to your current challenges.

3. Use that tactic and explore the related tactics recommended at the bottom of the card.

✍️ Tips from the authors

It’s great to do these tactics on your own. It’s even better to try them together with advisors, teams, or peers!

Use these tactics to take small, bold steps every day instead of changing everything all at once.

Mistakes are important. They’re how you learn! So don’t try to be perfect, but do pay careful attention to failure.

🃏 But I want a card to start with

Feasible Futures: to help you figure out what you really want

Buzzword Breakup: for when the jargon is getting out of hand

Human Network: to make sure you never forget stakeholder needs

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