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How to add dramatic tension to your story (thanks to Cole Porter and a rubber band)

“Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative,” sang Cole Porter. “Don’t mess with Mr In-Between.”

Sorry Mr Porter, but you’re wrong.

To give your story dramatic tension, you need to accentuate the positive and accentuate the negative too. And you can use story arcs like Rags to Riches and Downfall to work out how to do this out in your story.

And the rubber band? Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

5 thoughts on “How to add dramatic tension to your story (thanks to Cole Porter and a rubber band)”

  1. I am planning to offer a new product (new to me) on Etsy. There is competition, can I use this method to improve my sales by enhancing my product description with a story and make me stand out from the competition?

  2. Thanks a lot for this short explanation. I am working as trainer and consultant since decades and I love this clear messages and examples. You can not hear them often enough! Great job.
    And here is my question about it: Do you have an idea to get the listener/readers more into a story, when he is not interested in the storys topic? For example, I am not that interested in Lance Armstrong and Tour de France, but how can you catch someone right in the begining before (!) he decides not to listen/read that focused as he would when being interested in the topic.
    I am realy interested in the topic storytelling. Working now as an Instructional Designer for E-Learnings (and teaching authoring software) that might be very helpful to me. The videos that are within “The complete package” are they made the same way as the one you showed here? Is there an explanation video for each card or is it one video for a bunch of cards they stay in relation?
    My mothertongue is german and I hope my english was good enough to bring my questions to the point.
    Best wishes
    Ralf Hartmann

    • Hi Ralf, try the Story Hooks card or Secrets and Puzzles – these will help you get the attention of your audience for a story they’re not already familiar with.
      The videos in the vault are similar to the one shown here. And the vault also gives you access to pre-loaded Miro and Mural whiteboards, if you find these useful in your work.
      All the best, Steve


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