How to tune-up your teamwork

• Review your progress
• Define how you share information
• Make time for creativity

How to maximise life’s 4,000 weeks

• Practice mindfulness
• Uncover your true purpose
• Start a new habit

How to set up a new project for success

• Set clear goals
• Define team communication
• Plan and track tasks

How to do deep work

• Create a calm work space
• Wake-up your brain
• Split your day into focus times

How to become a legendary brand

• Connect to the broader human experience
• Find unexpected ideas
• Explore the wider potential of your brand

How to keep your brand fresh

• Measure how your brand is understood
• Re-evaluate your strategy
• Explore new potential products or services

How to use reflection to increase efficiency

• Reflect to optimise efficiency
• Organise your information
• Set goals and deadlines

How to make your brand truly unique

• Discover other brands customers might choose
• Identify how your brand is unique
• Uncover your edge against your competitors
• Find something your competitor will never do

How to refresh your mind between tasks

• Offload mental clutter
• Keep your thinking fresh
• Create thinking space

How to prevent burnout

• Focus on feelings
• Reclaim valuable time
• Establish an early-warning system

How to read your customer’s mind

• Observe your customer
• Document and spot opportunities
• Reflect and broaden your thinking
• Make quick, rough prototypes
• Quickly learn what to iterate

How to Unlock Innovation

• Uncover hidden problems behind solutions
• Unlock experimental thinking
• Map potential risks
• Spot change signals for future development
• Reflect and broaden your thinking

How to find unexpected opportunities to innovate

• Seek out potential customers
• Uncover people's struggles
• Identify potential customers' interest

How to market your business with stories – case study

• Win new customers, using stories from old customers
• Tell stories that build trust
• Get people to see what you mean, fast

How to find the best ideas

• Crystallise ideas
• Filter ideas for coherence
• Get raw feedback from potential customers

How to boost your confidence at work

• Celebrate your wins
• Identify your strengths and weaknesses
• Set measurable goals

How to include everyone in strategy

• Paint a compelling future
• Define clear upcoming challenges
• Rehearse to identify potential issues

How to manage an overwhelming to-do list

• Identify what you can control
• Prioritise impactful, low-effort actions
• Clear space by reassessing tasks

How to do Small-Batch Strategy

• Transform complaints into change
• Plan to avoid potential catastrophes
• Establish an early-warning system
• Realistically reassess your direction
• Unlock tomorrow's possibilities

How to build a solid foundation for your organization

• Uncover your network
• Understand peoples need
• Find the pain points in your organization
• Understand your organization's interconnections

How to do Probe-Based Innovation

• Uncover hidden hopes and fears
• Imagine the future
• Spot change signals for future development
• Test out your bigger ideas
• Reflect and broaden your thinking

How to Build Psychological Safety

• Guide your team to set achievable goals
• Learn how each team member works best
• Make people feel part of their meetings
• Create a culture of sharing

How to build an effective team

• Have better conversations
• Communicate who is responsible for what
• Spend more time on high-value work

How to align with your purpose

• Create a shared vision
• Instil values for your vision
• Help your team make decision
• Move your vision to execution

How to value your team

• Improve onboarding
• Check in with your team
• Share good vibes

How to add dramatic tension to your story (thanks to Cole Porter and a rubber band)

• give your story dramatic tension
• accentuate the positive
• accentuate the negative

How to fascinate your audience in a presentation

• enhance your presentation skills
• understand the role of storytelling

How to lead a Project Kick-Off

• Create clear focus
• Identify risks
• Prioritise risks
• Summarise results

How to strengthen your established team

• Understand your goals
• Define your roles and responsibilities
• Learn about your team's skills & abilities

How to generate lots of new ideas

• Free associate around the question
• Generate lots of ideas
• Develop and clarify your ideas

How to lead a Design Dash

• Identify opportunities for improvement
• Find unexpected solutions
• Prioritise the best ideas

How to Get Unstuck

• Understand your goals
• Get to the root cause
• Find a solution to the problem

How to lead a Retrospective

• Focus on feelings
• Facilitate a discussion
• Create an actionable to-do list