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How to fascinate your audience in a presentation

Paul Benn is a business analyst with a problem.

He’s got great insights, but he’s worried that when he gets up to present them to clients, it’s boring. He wants to be entertaining, which is why he bought Storyteller Tactics.

But should your business presentations really be entertaining? We’re not magicians or comedians, after all.

How about interesting? Or, better still, fascinating.

Storytelling puts you in control of our attention. Get it right and we can’t take our eyes off you.

Here’s how you can use Storyteller Tactics, especially the Concept cards like Order & Chaos, to tell a fascinating story about dramatic change.

12 thoughts on “How to fascinate your audience in a presentation”

  1. Paul should adjust his camera where he is looking up to the camera like SR.

    Head down reflects timidity …not sure of my presentation or product!

    Body language could hurt his presentations or undermind the proper usage of the cards.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video, it was really insightful and has given me some great ideas how to approach telling stories that fasincate!

  3. I like the theoretical presentation of the Story Tell Tactics implementation. However, do you think that it would be more explicit and advantageous to provide an actual presentation where the speaker applied that strategies they learned from Storyteller Tactics? As an educator, I always find models beneficial.

    Enjoy your day,


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