How to read your customer’s mind

Want to really know what people want? Practise the skill of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes so you can understand their experience from their perspective, both before you innovate and after you innovate. Try it out first with a friend or co-worker, then apply it to a real-life situation. Start on Easy-Mode recipe Observe … Read more

How to Unlock Innovation

Want to make innovation happen without being that annoying person banging on about ‘innovating’? Rather than debating improvements, actively initiate change throughout your innovation journey. Uncover hidden problems behind solutions Unlock experimental thinking Map potential risks Spot change signals for future development Reflect and broaden your thinking

How to do Probe-Based Innovation

Want to reduce your risk while developing and probing your ideas? It’s crucial to figure out the key pieces in the process and be able to spark them into action early on. Uncover hidden hopes and fears Imagine the future Spot change signals for future development Test out your bigger ideas Reflect and broaden your … Read more