How to become a better storyteller in 5 days

You’ve just received your Storyteller Tactics card deck (digital or physical). Now you might be wondering – “how do I get started?”.

Here’s a five-day plan that will kickstart your journey to becoming a confident storyteller.

Day 1: Start by Listening

Having Story-ish Conversations shows that you value the wisdom in other people’s stories AND improves your storytelling skills at the same time.   

Day 2: Tell a Simple Story, Now

Try telling a story when you’re making a point in a conversation or meeting. Movie Time will develop your spontaneous, off-the-cuff storytelling skills.

Day 3: Write a Story-ish Email

Use Story Hooks and What’s it About? to write an email that grabs your reader’s attention, gets to the point and gets things done.

Day 4: Persuade with a Story

Social Proof stories are great when you need to get someone to listen to your opinion and act on your advice. This approach works well in conversations, presentations or emails. 

Day 5: Present a Big Story

When you have a presentation ‘moment’, a combo of Order & Chaos with Rolls Royce Moment helps you show the Big Picture alongside a vivid example of the little picture (which is what people are likely to remember).

If you’ve got Vault access, you can adapt the Miro and Mural versions of these templates for your own stories. Plus you’ll find a short video explaining how to use every card in the Storyteller Tactics deck.

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