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How to tell a story only an expert can tell

Are you an expert? Prove it.

1. Here’s a hard lesson I learned.

We learn a bit by reading, we learn more by doing, we learn most by messing up. What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned – the one you’re most embarrassed to recall?

Find your Hard Lesson story with Thoughtful Failures.

2. Here’s a rule I broke.

When you’re a novice, you stick to the rules. After a while, you can apply the rules almost without thinking. But when you’re an expert, you know that some rules are meant to be broken and rewritten. 

Find your Broken Rule story with Rules, Cheats and Rebels.

3. Here’s an expensive decision I made

It’s easy to do the right thing when there’s no cost involved (eg; giving a 👍 on Facebook). What about the times you did the right thing even though it cost you time, money or reputation?

Find your Expensive Decision story with Trust Me, I’m an Expert.

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