How to reverse-engineer your favourite novels, movies, ads and lyrics using Storyteller Tactics.

Which Storyteller Tactics would be on Jane Austen’s writing desk? How about Don Draper or Bruce Springsteen? We all have our own favourite stories – the novel you can’t put down, the advert that caught your eye, the movie you’d watch again tonight for the seventh time. Or that YouTuber you just spent twenty minutes … Read more

How to use Idea Tactics to anticipate problems and reduce disruption on technical projects

Pip characters on background of Idea Tactics cards - a few laid out on a desk. Frodge is in the middle, looking up and thinking.

Idea Tactics isn’t just for coming up with ideas for shiny new “creative” things like marketing campaigns; it’s a toolkit that can help you find smart solutions to almost any problem, even super technical ones!  In this post, you’ll find an example 2-day process using Idea Tactics based on a real-life scenario shared by a … Read more