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Tutorial: Stories that Sell

Watch a group of Storyteller Tactics customers work through a six part programme, developing stories that help them sell a product, service or idea. In each session, Steve Rawling explains a tactic, sets tasks then offers feedback on the group’s stories.

1. Get the basics right

Use What’s It About? to explain what you’re trying to sell. Use Movie Time to give us a “For example…” moment so that we can “see” what you mean.

2. Get our attention for your story

It’s no good having a great story if nobody’s listening. Story Hooks shows you how to grab our attention.

3. Talk about existing customers

Tell Simple Sales Stories about an existing customer to reassure a potential new customer that you can deliver what they need.

4. Use a powerful story arc

Here’s how to use the most common sales story of all: Rags to Riches. And if your customer is Cinderella, what kind of fairy godmother are you? Find out with the Hero and Guide tactic.

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  1. I have commented about the deck a couple of times. I still do not know what to do with the deck. I had hoped it would help me with writing blogs. Nobody has reached out to help me, so I might have to send the deck back.


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