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How to find a re-tellable story with drama, empathy and wisdom

Is your story even worth telling? Or are you going to bore the pants off us again?

Prof Gary Klein* has a test for what makes a useful, re-tellable story: does it contain

  • Drama
  • Empathy
  • Wisdom

If these elements are missing, we will find your story dull. If you include them, not only will we listen but chances are we’ll go off and repeat your story to others.

Here’s how you can use the Concept and Explore cards to find a retellable story with these magic ingredients:

And there are some suggestions for turning your story into a slide deck presentation.

*Prof Gary Klein’s books on intuition and decision-making are full of brilliantly told case studies. His work reads like a detective novel. My Story Listening tactic is directly inspired by his modus operandi.

1 thought on “How to find a re-tellable story with drama, empathy and wisdom”

  1. Great Video which makes everything a bit clearer to me! Can you adapt this in a real presentation with a real topic and data where you accompany the cards end explain the moments when build in the card idea into the presentation ? This would SUPER HELPFUL!

    Or just show a existing sales presentation of someone else where you comment it with your cards.


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