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How to combine Workshop and Storyteller Tactics

On a cluttered desk, somewhere in Lancashire, something new is coming to life.

For the first time ever, a deck of Workshop Tactics sits alongside a deck of Storyteller Tactics. As Steve turns the cards, ideas leap from one deck into another, collide and spin like tipsy fireworks.

The clever thing about a deck of Tactics is they’re non-linear. You can pick any card, use them in any order or combination. Now imagine putting two decks together!

As often happens, our users are a step ahead of us. 1,200 people have already bought the combined package, Workshop Tactics + Storyteller Tactics. They could see the potential. 

So, here are 3 ways that 2 decks are better than 1.

1: Tell your workshop like a story. 

Running a good workshop has a beginning, middle and end, just like telling a good story. Storyteller Tactics can help you get this bit right before you pick up Workshop Tactics.Beginning: why should people join you? What’s It About? and Story Hooks will help you write an exciting call to action.Middle: you’re asking people to leave their comfort zone and venture into the unknown. Use Man in a Hole to reassure them there’s treasure in the dark!End: there’s no point coming up with good ideas if you can’t get anyone to listen. Use Rags to Riches or Pitch Perfect to share your results.

2: Combine sets of cards

Both decks put tactics into sets called Sessions or Recipes. Here’s how these sets work well together:

3: Connect individual cards

Premortem is a brilliant Workshop Tactic for exploring how things might go wrong on your project. Epic Fail gives you six different stories that explain (or excuse) failures. Ask your team to use different Epic Fail stories to find Premortem factors they might otherwise overlook. 

Try these other connections: Reverse Brainstorm + That’s FunnySWOT Analysis + Dragon and the CityT-Bar + Movie TimeMad, Sad, Glad + Emotional DashboardPrototype Persona + Hero and Guide Sailboat + What’s My MotivationNewspaper Headline + Rags to Riches  Hopes and Fears + No Easy WayJourney Map + Man in a Hole Assumption Collection + Story Listening

Storyteller Tactics used to write this blog post:

Movie Time: for the opening scene.

Three is the Magic Number: to give the post a simple structure.

Social Proof: 1,200 customers are already doing this, maybe you should too!

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