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Ask the Author: Storyteller Tactics

Session #2: June 2023

Steve answered questions on how to get people excited about a workshop, how to tell stories about airline accidents, how to tell stories about grief and much more.

Watch the video here.

Session #1: May 2023

Q: How can I use storytelling tactics to engage with mums on email list?

A: There’s a 5 day guide on the blog site that includes tips on writing better emails. A good email is a mix of Story Hooks and Cut to the Chase.

Q: What’s the best structure for testimonies for recovering addicts?

A: Man in a Hole – it’s the story of any difficult journey through life. 

Q: How do I finish my stories effectively? I’ve been using chat GPT, but it doesn’t do good endings. 

A: Happy Ever Afters, but also worth taking a look at 5 Ts. And here are some ideas on using chatbots to tell your story.

Q: How do I use Storyteller Tactics to present to management team on subjects that are very technical but the audience may not be. 

A: Sometimes you need a good metaphor or analogy, but there’s no card for that in the current deck. Use Data Detectives and Stories that Convince

Q: How do I link the storyteller and workshop decks?

A: There’s a handy blog post here on exactly that question.

There’s a video and transcript of the session on the Fathom platform, including a list of chat questions and responses.

June’s Ask the Author session.

4 thoughts on “Ask the Author: Storyteller Tactics”

  1. Hello.
    I’m an instructor that has to use pre built power points. How would I go about using story telling tactics to personalize my lesson plans or even make suggestions on how to make the power points better? Maybe even making my own

    • Hi Alex – it depends on the pre-built slides you’re using. Do you have leeway to edit them? If not, and if they’re really dull/text heavy, then maybe the best thing to do is pause the presentation (even switch the screen to black), tell a relevant personalised story, then switch back to the standard presentation.
      So, it could go like this:
      Slide 1, 2 and 3 – as per script
      Pause. Switch off slides. “Let me show you an example from my own experience.” Add story (using Movie Time)
      Resume Slide 4, 5 and 6
      Pause, repeat personalised story
      And so on.

      If you’re going to make your own slides, use the Show and Tell tactic as a guide. Also take a look at this blog post:

      • Unfortunately it is very technical information and I do not have any leeway. I’ll give your advice a shot! I had been struggling on how to incorporate the cards into lessons and my instructor guide.
        Thanks Steve

  2. Thanks Steve. Unfortunately I have no lee way and it’s all pretty technical information and I had been struggling on how to implement story telling tactics into my instructor guide. I will put your advice to use! When I get a chance to make my own I’ll try the blog out


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