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Find your story (fast!) with these 3 card combinations

Here are three super-simple combinations of Storyteller Tactics, when you need a story in a hurry.

1. I need to tell a story in this meeting

This is spontaneous, off the cuff storytelling, in a conversational setting. You’ve got about a minute to make your point.

  • What’s It About? to focus on the change, new information or personal benefit you need to tell people about.
  • Cut to the Chase, to give them a memorable moment of action, emotion or meaning.

2. I want to add a story to this presentation

You’ve got a series of points you want to make, maybe it’s your OKRs. Pick one point that you can tell a vivid story about. This will help your audience remember the rest of what you said.

  • Data Detectives, to go from big picture (the trends) to little picture (“for example…”)
  • Movie Time, to bring the little picture to life.

3. I want to write an effective email

Don’t just say something, and watch your words disappear into the ether. Get people to DO something.

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