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How to tell a story about new technology to different audience groups

“How do I tell a story about new technology?” Well, that depends on your audience. Are they tech-savvy or non-technical? Are they risk averse or pioneers? 

Plot your audience on this matrix, then pick the right Storyteller Tactic for them.

What’s it About? to tell a Non-technical audience a basic story about what’s in it for them.
That’s Funny to share a moment of your own discovery with a Tech-savvy audience.
Innovation Curve to get your Pioneers excited about being first.
No Easy Way to reassure your Risk Averse audience that you’ve planned for setbacks.

Tactics used to write this blog post: I used a Priority Map from Workshop Tactics to think about different audience needs and which Storyteller Tactic might help.

I also used a type of Story Hook in the headline, by suggesting Expert Knowledge (“Four ways to…”) 

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