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How to tell stories quickly with the 1-3-5 rule

Lots of customers ask for tips on getting started with Storyteller Tactics, so here’s a new way to approach the deck. Use it to find stories you can tell in one, three or five minutes.

1 minute stories

Casual setting: start with “Have you got a minute?” Most people will say yes, unless they’re really busy. Now it’s your job to give them the essential information in a conversational way. Try using:

What’s It About?Simple Sales Stories or What’s My Motivation?

3 minute stories

Semi-formal setting: a chance comes up to put forward your idea in a meeting. But you don’t want to ramble on, so try using:

Social ProofRolls Royce Moment or Pitch Perfect (you can pitch any idea in three minutes, just don’t do it in an elevator, that would be weird!)

5 minute stories

Formal setting: you’re expected to present your idea, so make a plan. Try using: 

Three is the Magic Number to focus on what to include and what to leave out, Story Hooks gives you a strong intro, then Movie Time helps us see what you mean as you make your points.


Storyteller Tactic used to write this blog:

Simple Sales Stories: lots of customers just like you are asking this question, so you might find the answer useful too.

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