How to use archetypes as a leader and storyteller

Brand specialist Alan Murdock explains how archetypes help him map out a journey for his clients – and tell more dramatic stories, with character and conflict. Alan walks me through two examples of how he uses the Archetypes expansion pack: Check out the Archetypes expansion pack here:

How to explain important changes (and deliver some tough news) using stories.

Scott Friedman is a volunteer firefighter in Pennsylvania. He needs to explain a new strategy to the other volunteers in a full team meeting. And he’s got to deliver some tough news: if they can’t match up to the standards of a modern firefighting organisation, there’s no place for them in his team. Here’s how … Read more

How to win new customers by telling stories about your existing customers.

Case studies and testimonials are your strongest tools for winning new customers. As a potential customer, I want to see how you’ve helped people like me. Let’s take a look at one example: Kerry Thompson’s consultancy Kerry helps car dealers sell more cars. The car market – and customers’ expectations – are constantly changing. … Read more