How to boost your confidence at work

Struggling to feel confident in your abilities at work? Monitor your praise and successes, recognise your strong points (and areas for improvement), and ensure you have a system in place that supports your growth. ✔️ celebrate your wins ✔️ identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities ✔️ set measurable goals

How to manage an overwhelming to-do list

Are you struggling to manage an overwhelming situation? Are you wondering which tasks most deserve your attention? Use this guide to pinpoint what’s within your control, prioritise actions, and eliminate unnecessary tasks in order to enhance your focus and bring you relief. ✔️ identify what you can control ✔️ prioritise impactful, low-effort actions ✔️ clear space … Read more

How to lead a Project Kick-Off

Want to get your project off to the best start? Ensure everyone on the team (including the client and stakeholders) has a clear understanding of any potential weak spots and, ultimately, to create a hypothesis statement. ✔️ create clear focus ✔️ identify risks ✔️ prioritise risks ✔️ summarise results

How to strengthen your established team

Want to give your team a better chance of success? Strengthen teamwork by uniting under a common goal and using everyone’s skills effectively to tackle challenges and define responsibilities. ✔️ set a team vision to work towards ✔️ find your drivers, barriers and goals ✔️ define your roles and responsibilities ✔️ learn about your team … Read more

How to generate lots of new ideas

Want to spark fresh ideas? Guide you team through the process of idea generation, and transform a blank page into a concise list of well-evaluated, robust ideas ready to be put into action. ✔️ frame your problem as a question ✔️ generate lots of ideas ✔️ develop and clarify your ideas

How to lead a Design Dash

Want to get your team from blank faces to a testable solution? The goal is to generate ideas to develop into the most promising ideas for a prototype to test. The Design Dash recipe is a curated set of five Workshop Tactics designed to span over a two days that helps your team quickly identify the biggest opportunity … Read more

How to Get Unstuck

Want to get unstuck? Critically assess what’s going wrong with a team or project and find out what your options are, before agreeing on a viable solution to fix whats not working. ✔️ understand your goals ✔️ get to the root cause ✔️ frame a problem to find a solution ✔️ find a solution to … Read more

How to lead a Retrospective

Want to look back and learn from your team’s successes and failures? The goal is to look back and reflect on what’s gone well and what hasn’t – and what can be done about it. The Retrospective recipe is a curated set of five Workshop Tactics that is a staple of productive teams. 👀 Let’s … Read more