How to read your customer’s mind

Want to really know what people want? Practise the skill of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes so you can understand their experience from their perspective, both before you innovate and after you innovate. Try it out first with a friend or co-worker, then apply it to a real-life situation. Start on Easy-Mode recipe Observe … Read more

How to Unlock Innovation

Want to make innovation happen without being that annoying person banging on about ‘innovating’? Rather than debating improvements, actively initiate change throughout your innovation journey. Uncover hidden problems behind solutions Unlock experimental thinking Map potential risks Spot change signals for future development Reflect and broaden your thinking

How to boost your confidence at work

Struggling to feel confident in your abilities at work? Unsure of what you truly have to offer? Want to ensure you have a system in place that supports your growth? Grab these tactics How to apply this combined decks recipe We will use an example scenario with these three tactics…Pip’s Cafe is a cherished local coffee … Read more

How to include everyone in strategy

Curious about improving strategy understanding and execution? Engage your team in strategy development to ensure a sense of ownership and successful implementation. Paint a compelling future Define clear upcoming challenges Rehearse to identify potential issues

How to manage an overwhelming to-do list

Are you struggling to manage an overwhelming situation? Are you wondering which tasks most deserve your attention? Use this guide to pinpoint what’s within your control, prioritise actions, and eliminate unnecessary tasks in order to enhance your focus and bring you relief. Identify what you can control Prioritise impactful, low-effort actions Clear space by reassessing tasks

How to do Small-Batch Strategy

 Want to forget annual planning? Run this lightweight process as often as you need to keep up with the true pace of change. Transform complaints into change Plan to avoid potential catastrophes Establish an early-warning system Realistically reassess your direction Unlock tomorrow’s possibilities