How to do Probe-Based Innovation

Want to reduce your risk while developing and probing your ideas? It’s crucial to figure out the key pieces in the process and be able to spark them into action early on. Uncover hidden hopes and fears Imagine the future Spot change signals for future development Test out your bigger ideas Reflect and broaden your … Read more

How to Build Psychological Safety

Want to build an environment in which your team trusts you and feels secure? Want your team to perform better and feel safe to share their ideas? Grab these tactics How to apply the Build Psychological Safety recipe (4-card version) We will use an example scenario with these four tactics…Pip’s International School’s leadership wants to nurture a … Read more

How to build an effective team

Do you aspire to build a strong team? Are you willing to prioritise fostering effective communication? Are you ready to set up time-wide productivity ? Grab these tactics How to apply the Become Dependable recipe (3-card version) We will use an example scenario with these three tactics…Pip’s Recruitment Agency wants to enhance their effectiveness by building a … Read more

How to align with your purpose

Want to connect the dots from vision to execution? Align your time and energy by supporting everyone on your team to have a clear idea of what they are doing and why. Create a shared vision Instil values for your vision Help your team make decisions Move your vision to execution

How to value your team

Want your team to feel valued? Communicate in a way that supports their wellbeing and mental health through open communication and recognition-focused systems. Improve onboarding Check in with your team Share good vibes

How to use Idea Tactics to anticipate problems and reduce disruption on technical projects

Pip characters on background of Idea Tactics cards - a few laid out on a desk. Frodge is in the middle, looking up and thinking.

Idea Tactics isn’t just for coming up with ideas for shiny new “creative” things like marketing campaigns; it’s a toolkit that can help you find smart solutions to almost any problem, even super technical ones!  In this post, you’ll find an example 2-day process using Idea Tactics based on a real-life scenario shared by a … Read more