How to find unexpected opportunities to innovate

How to market your business with stories – case study

• Win new customers, using stories from old customers
• Tell stories that build trust
• Get people to see what you mean, fast

How to boost your confidence at work

• celebrate your wins
• identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
• set measurable goals

How to include everyone in strategy

How to manage an overwhelming to-do list

• identify what you can control
• prioritise impactful, low-effort actions
• clear space by reassessing tasks

How to build a solid foundation for your organization

How to read your customer’s mind

How to get started with Innovation Tactics

How to do Probe-Based Innovation

How to Build Psychological Safety

How to build an effective team

How to align with your purpose

How to value your team

How to add dramatic tension to your story (thanks to Cole Porter and a rubber band)

How to lead a Project Kick-Off

• create clear focus
• identify risks
• prioritise risks
• summarise results

How to strengthen your established team

• set a team vision to work towards
• find your drivers, barriers and goals
• define your roles and responsibilities
• learn about your team's skills & abilities

How to generate lots of new ideas

• free associate around the question
• generate lots of ideas
• develop and clarify your ideas

How to lead a Design Dash

• identify opportunities for improvement
• generate ideas and advance the best
• prioritise the best ideas
• expand your best ideas further

How to Get Unstuck

• understand your goals
• get to the root cause
• frame a problem to find a solution
• find a solution to the problem
• evaluate your solution

How to lead a Retrospective

• prioritise your team's needs
• facilitate a discussion
• create an actionable to-do list