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How to write a better pitch using Storyteller Tactics

Uroš Rojc needs a better story. He’s pitching Muvi Media – a B2B video marketing service. But it’s a crowded market. Worse still, Uroš is a bit embarrassed about the service he offers (more on that later).

He’s already tried Pitch Perfect, as you’ll hear in this walkthrough. So we go on to four more tactics that will make Uroš pitch stand out from the crowd:

Watch the video (43 mins)

Finally, there’s a twist in the tale. Uroš reveals that his own Emotional Dashboard was flashing when he bought Storyteller Tactics. Deep down, he knew that his B2B offer – a straightforward corporate video – just wasn’t good enough. That’s why he was embarrassed – and you just can’t pitch if your heart’s not in it.

But now, thanks to Storyteller Tactics, Uroš is proud of his pitch.


Story note: I used Leave it Out! to create a knowledge gap in the first paragraph of the story, which encouraged you to read to the end.

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