How to win new customers by telling stories about your existing customers.

Case studies and testimonials are your strongest tools for winning new customers. As a potential customer, I want to see how you’ve helped people like me. Let’s take a look at one example: Kerry Thompson’s consultancy Kerry helps car dealers sell more cars. The car market – and customers’ expectations – are constantly changing. … Read more

How to add dramatic tension to your story (thanks to Cole Porter and a rubber band)

“Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative,” sang Cole Porter. “Don’t mess with Mr In-Between.” Sorry Mr Porter, but you’re wrong. To give your story dramatic tension, you need to accentuate the positive and accentuate the negative too. And you can use story arcs like Rags to Riches and Downfall to work out how to do … Read more

How to reverse-engineer your favourite novels, movies, ads and lyrics using Storyteller Tactics.

Which Storyteller Tactics would be on Jane Austen’s writing desk? How about Don Draper or Bruce Springsteen? We all have our own favourite stories – the novel you can’t put down, the advert that caught your eye, the movie you’d watch again tonight for the seventh time. Or that YouTuber you just spent twenty minutes … Read more

How to fascinate your audience in a presentation

Paul Benn is a business analyst with a problem. He’s got great insights, but he’s worried that when he gets up to present them to clients, it’s boring. He wants to be entertaining, which is why he bought Storyteller Tactics. But should your business presentations really be entertaining? We’re not magicians or comedians, after all. … Read more